Hello to Watercolor

Hello to Watercolor

Curious about trying watercolor for the first time, or after a long hiatus? This class is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive approach to watercolor painting through step-by-step demonstrations, exercises in composition, learning to capture the impact of light, understanding layering, and mixing colors. Each week while working students will solve many problems through the painting process such as, shape and color relationships, mixing and applying color/paint, various painting techniques, and creating dimension and form. 


Room 102


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*5 week course


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Monday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Jan 23, 2023 - Feb 20, 2023
Instructor: Jerilyn Brown
$ 216.00
$ 270.00
Per Diem: Members $ 59.00| Non-members $ 59.00
* If you purchase your art supplies from a local merchant, please keep your receipt and do not open until class day. If your class is cancelled you may want to return the supplies.
Instructor Info

A skilled creative, passionate about paint.

A lifelong dedication to the visual arts and art education.

 I knew by the fifth grade I would be an artist. I majored in drawing and painting and earned a B.F.A from Florida Atlantic University. I always thought I would continue my formal education, however life took me in another direction.

 I am a South Florida based painter and art educator, I have been honing my skills in painting and sharing my knowledge with students for over 30 years. My watercolor paintings of shells gained recognition in local and national exhibitions. When I turned my focus to art education I held positions as a classroom art teacher, receiving the Florida Art Education Secondary Art Educator Award, Education Director Old School Square Cultural Art Center, and Camp Director Armory Art Center.


M years teaching art skills to others has brought insight into my work and allows me to challenge and push myself with the medium and subject matter. I am inspired by the imperfections in the natural world utilizing those characteristics in my work to explore with color and composition.


I have two homes.

New Jersey where the memories and deep heart connection with friends, relatives, the land, the ocean, beach, and the local islander lifestyle resides in me.

Florida is where my children were born and grew up, where I keep my possessions, where I have a network of artist friends and collaborators.


Growing up on a barrier island I fell in love with the sea. Drawn to seashells, they unify me with nature and the mysteries of creation. In contrast to the protection shells give to sea life, I see these exoskeletons as visual metaphors exposing the vulnerability of the human spirit. Like in the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, when something suffers, is damaged, or has history it becomes more beautiful. The beauty of the shells complexity and simplicity, combined with their permanent presence in the natural world make them limitless subject matter for painting and an excellent metaphor for the human condition.