Teen Week 4- Sewing, Twisted Zippers and Peculiar Pouches

Teen Week 4- Sewing, Twisted Zippers and Peculiar Pouches

Textile art often uses fabric in abstract ways, so in order to explore the many ways to create something unique, you need to be comfortable with the basics. From home, artists will have fun playing with zippers and fabric, create some creative looking pouches all while learning the ups and downs of zippers. Soon you’ll have the confidence to jumpstart your 3D textile creations with zippers!

This course requires artists to have a sewing machine at home that they know how to use.

Included in the tuition: a supply kit provided per camper of gently used, recycled and new supplies from the Armory stock. The supply kits will be available to enrolled campers for pick up at the Armory campus. Parents will be notified by email of the scheduled pick up times.

Supply Kit Pickup: Friday, June 19th from 3-6pm

Please have available basic supplies, such as: crayons, markers, colored pencils, pencils/ erasers, ruler, scissors, masking tape, scotch tape, white glue, construction paper 9x12 and/or 12x18, white copy paper, newspaper, containers for water, containers to mix paint and bar of soar for cleaning brushes. Covering for table area where student works. Clothes they can get messy.

Monday 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM ( Jun 22, 2020 - Jun 25, 2020 )
Instructor: Various Armory Instructors
Tuition: $ 160.00