Introduction to 3D Printing in Clay

Introduction to 3D Printing in Clay
Learn the basics of operation for the Delta 3D PotterBot clay printer and how the 3D output can compliment a potter's process. Participants will be guided through basic steps to printing a 3D ceramic object. First students will scan an object of their choice to translate into a printed clay form.  Manipulation of this form through an online CAD (computer aided design) program will be demonstrated and instruction in CAD will take place in the Armory’s newly renovated digital lab. Students will create a basic, unique shape to be printed in clay. Each student will complete the course with two 3D printed projects.  Slide lectures will include discussion of the instructor’s personal art work, a look at contemporary artists work employing 3D printing, and modern applications of 3D printed forms.  Minimum: 8 students.
Oct 5, 6, 7 9:30 AM-4:30 PM
Instructor: Cara McKinley
Tuition: $ 615.00
Registration Closed